A Parallel Image Graphic Generator (2010)
平衡影像 - 圖像產生器 (2010)

Gebhard Sengmüller

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Artist Statement

"A Parallel Image" is an electronic version of camera obscura. This media-archaeological, interactive sculpture is based on a fictive assumption that electronically transmitting moving images, by breaking them down into single images and image lines, a currently valid principle, was never discovered.

The result of such is an apparatus that attempts a highly elaborated parallel transmission of every single pixel from sender to receiver. Unlike conventional electronic image transmission procedures, "A Parallel Image" is technologically transparent. It conveys to the viewer a correspondence between the real world and transmission that can be sensually experienced.

In 2009, Sengmüller finished the first installment of his installation series "A Parallel Image", the camera - screen unit. Currently he is further advancing this original proposal by installing a graphic generator: by following a similar principle, a grid of 13 x 15 switches on the sender side is able to depict a simple light bulb graphic on the receiver side. Viewer can operate this installment intuitively. In addition, he will also present a 1:5 scaled miniature version of the original camera – screen installation.



平衡影像 是一個電子版本的影像暗箱。媒體考古學是個未被開發的領域,它透過分解動態影像成單一圖像和圖線,並以電子傳輸,組成互動雕塑。

該裝置能把每個像素精巧並行地從發送端傳輸到接收端。有別於傳統電子圖像的傳輸過程, 平衡影像技術的透明度極高。它把真實世界的傳輸轉化為一個觀眾感受得到的體驗。

在二零零九年,尚梅拿完成了平衡影像系列的第一部分:攝錄機及屏幕。現在,他正安裝一個 圖像產生器 ,進一步發展此作品。圖像產生器 按照相似的原則,讓觀眾能直接地操控發送端十三格乘十五格的開關,以在接收端描繪由燈泡組成的簡單圖形。此外,一個1:5比例微縮版本的平衡影像攝錄機及屏幕版會同時展出。