A Parallel Image Graphic Generator (2010)
平衡影像 - 圖像產生器 (2010)

Gebhard Sengmüller

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Technical Statement

In the exhibition space one sees a switchboard - monitor unit: two 1M x 1M printed circuit boards made of epoxy are hung from the ceiling about three meters apart from one another. The switchboard side is loaded with a grid of 13 x 15 switches. The circuit board defined as monitor is loaded with a grid of 13 x 15 large light bulbs in standard E27 sockets (220 Volt, 25 Watt each).

Large quantities of insulated copper wire are installed and connected to the two circuit boards, whereas additional wires lead to an external electricity supply. The techno-sculptural beauty of the installation is a side effect, yet inevitable.

於展覽空間,觀眾會看到一塊配電板 – 屏幕裝置:兩塊一米乘一米的環氧樹脂製成的特製電路板吊於天花,兩板約相距三米。配電板裝有一個十三格乘十五格個的開關。被定義為屏幕的電路板裝有十三個乘十五個標準 E27的大電燈泡(二百二十伏特,每個廿五瓦)。