17 Oct
13 nov

Project Room :
The Book about Half Half

198 Tai Nan St, Sham Shui Po, Hong Kong
1 Nov (Tue 二)– 13 Nov (Sun 日) 2022
Tue - Sun 二至日1200-1900
Closed on Mondays

Project Room: The Book of HALF HALF

Project Room is established in 2007 under the Microwave Festival umbrella, we started with an intention to provide a room to experiment, been through all the years (From Project room edition A to M), without the limitation in the form or application of media technology, we presented exhibitions, performances and screenings, as well as we tried Transmedia storytelling in recent years; in 2022, we are not chasing for any breakthrough in tech but how to tell a good story. If what we are presenting in the main exhibition is real and which is closely related to our near future, then Project room is an interesting guide as artificial intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning are hot key words but not so many people really understand them (just like people knowing how much about NFT & Blockchain technology).

This experiment is simple & direct, starting with a short story, talks about AI & Machine Learning in an interesting approach, then inspired our artists to extend the storytelling through music and set/ object creation. Offline & online approaches are just the gates, open to public to explore about our near future with real techno-references; it’s a fictional story but contains an app existed in our real world, trigger true emotions, enjoy together with real music, question about the boundary between real & virtual/ truth or fake? To echo the curatorial theme “HALF HALF” of the festival 2022, a story of finding the other half that is meant to be, whether it is farther or nearer with the aid of technology.

Have a good day.

Project Room實驗M場 :半半之書

2007年開始成立Project Room,一開始是想在藝術節環節裡加插一個實驗的可能性,沒有形成或媒體科技上的限制,求新求試,沒有預定的結果。這些年來,由A到M,裡面發生過許多可能性,包括裝置、演出、放映、展覽,甚至是近幾年的串媒體敍事法。2022年求的不是科技的突破,而是故事的想像,如果主題展裡所呈現的科技與近未來關聯緊密,那Project Room所提供的就是一個有趣的導讀,因為人工智能 (AI)、機器學習 (Machine Learning) 這類關鍵字看得多會麻木,就像NFT與區塊鏈技術大部份人聽過就算。

這次的實驗很簡單,由文本出發,把AI和機器學習去故事做解說,再連結音樂創作,在線上與線下呈現人前。網站、線下展或盒子的呈現,都是為觀眾設置一個入口,透過故事 – 一個大眾習以為常的模式,去理解由科技雕刻的未來。故事裡的一切有真有假,但音樂是真的,情感是真的,那假的部份是什麼?沿自藝術節主題「半半」而來的思考,不單純說科技與人性的平衡,這裡的半半說的也是如何追尋命中的一半,在科技加持下是遠了還近了?


TEXT & Project curation

Joel Kwong a.ka.a KFF
Media Art Curator, Project Producer & Writer
鄺佳玲 a.k.a 鄺霏飛

Over 15 years of media art management and curation experience, Joel received her MA in Cultural Management from the Chinese University of Hong Kong. She started managing Microwave Festival since 2006, and established SIBYLS in 2018, always aim to bring cutting edge media arts project to all walks of life. She was in many different Jury Panels for international media art/ digital art/ art & technology events, e.g. Siggraph Asia & IESA etc. And she also devoted a lot of time in doing creative write-ups and education, her writings have been published in many media platforms, and she also taught in many different tertiary institutions and universities in Hong Kong.

She believes art makes a better world.

超過十五年媒體藝術策展及管理經驗,香港中文大學文化管理碩士。自2006年為微波國際新媒體藝術節主理策展及管理工作,2018年創立SIBYLS,致力把媒體藝術推廣至更大的觀眾群。擔任多個國際重要藝術項目的評審,包括Siggraph Asia、ISEA等,除策展以外亦熱心於教育及寫作,為不同機構及平台撰寫有關藝術、電影及設計的文章,以及在本地大學及大專學院教授有關創意創作、策展管理及行政課程。

Music Creation

Edward Chiu
Musician, Sound Artist & Record Producer

Graduated from the School of Creative Media, the City University of Hong Kong in 2013, Edward is now a musician, arranger and record producer. He is the founding member of ANWIYCTI – A New World That You Can Take It; he is responsible for the bass guitar, programming & mixing, the band features three bass guitars to replace traditional guitars. The band has been performed in many different cities, included Shanghai, Taipei, Paris & Rekjavik etc., and he himself also has been collaborated with many famous pop singers included Christoper Owens, Anthony Wong, Tat-ming Pair, Chochukmo, Eason Chan, Endy Chow & Kay Tse etc. He started working with media artists since 2018, included both Keith Lam and Gaybird Leung, in 2020 he was invited to collaborated with various Taiwan & Hong Kong creatives to produce an experimental project “All about Life & Death” in Microwave festival.

2013年畢業於香港城市大學創意媒體學院,現為編曲家、唱片監製及音樂人。他是樂隊A New World If You Can Take It – ANWIYCTI的創隊團員,負責低音吉他、編程以及混音工作,樂隊的特色是三支低音吉他取代傳統吉他。樂隊曾於多個城市巡迴演出,包括上海、台北、巴黎、電克雅維克等,而與他合作過的歌手包括Christoper Owens、黃耀明、達明一派、觸執毛、陳奕迅、周國賢、謝安琪等。2018年開始與媒體藝術家合作,包括梁基爵及林欣傑,2020年曾參與微波國際新媒體藝術節,與港台藝術家們以跨媒體方式合作推出實驗項目《生死牆》。

Art Direction

Jean Tsoi
Film Art Director, Artist

Creating interactive works that communicate, via mechanisms which highlight the purity and essence of the sensory experience, has always been my goal. Existence has been a central theme in such a quest, and through creating uninhibited mixed media works, I wish to pose questions about the reality that we live in, seeking answers along the process.

Jean Tsoi received her Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Creative Media, City University of Hong Kong in 2004, and graduated with a Master of Arts in Fine Arts from the Chinese University of Hong Kong in 2022.which was screened in the Un Certain Regard section at the 2013 Cannes Film Festival.