9/11/2021 Tue ㊁
20:00 - 22:00
Online seminar, RSVP only
As always, Unconference challenges traditional formats of conference, offering room for speakers to communicate and interact with audience through various formats of presentations (e.g. short video screening, demonstration, performances etc.). Last year, the Unconference is presented under an online episode format, and this year, we will turn it into a live online conference with three invited international professionals to present their ideas towards the possibilities of future, and engage the audience through a more lively format.
Moderator 主持人
Diane To (Hong Kong)

Diane To is a Hong Kong journalist, who's spent a few years working in the media arts scene and a lifetime appreciating artworks that provoke critical thought and create necessary conversations about where humanity is going. She has a masters degree in ethics, which seems to have only made life more difficult.

杜若渝是一名香港記者,她在媒體藝術領域工作多年,一生都在欣賞那些能激發批判性思維幷就人類走向創造必要對話的藝術作品。她擁有倫理學碩士學位, 但這似乎只讓生活更加困難。