Erkki Huhtamo (Finland)
艾奇.胡塔莫 (芬蘭)

Spectators in Motion: a Media Archaeology of the Moving Observer

1400 - 1500
When we think about moving images, we usually think about people sitting in front of a screen - watching a feature film in a cinema theatre, a TV show in front of the domestic screen, or perhaps playing a game with a PlayStation3. The idea of the fixed media observer has been questioned by recent developments in audiovisual culture - media users are now in motion, and in many different ways. Some of them are using media devices in their cars, others are listening to music from their iPods while jogging, and yet others doing multiple things with their smartphones while roaming the city streets. The idea of the mobile media user has been a long time in formation. This lecture presents a media archaeology of this complex process, touching on vision machines like panoramas and dioramas, and "people movers" like moving walkways, elevators, and escalators. It also discusses media culture in relation to garden visits as a model for future modalities of the cinema. The main purpose of the lecture is to give an idea of the complex dynamics that has regulated the relationship between media and users within media culture on its way from the past toward the future.