Jeffrey Shaw (Australia)
邵志飛 (澳洲)

The Embodied Cinematic Experience

1200 - 1300
A core trajectory of the cultural imaginary to come is the evolution of a heterogeneous range of interactive relationships that together constitute co-active, co-creative and emergent modalities of viewer in-corporation. Opposing the late-capitalist appropriation of art practice that is exemplified by the passive gaze of the cultural consumer, media art's richly various modalities of interactivity call for new levels of exchange between the spectator and the artwork. This interplay of many energies embodies a discourse around the evolving technological materialization of our being in the virtual. The body becomes the agency that puts the artwork into motion, and in turn the artwork enables us to engage in newly discovered territories of experience. Such a corporeal theater of emergent values signals a shift from isolated individual experience to an interpersonal ambiance that provides for and propels various modalities of social engagement and exchange.

In this context Shaw will elucidate certain past and recent instances of his art practice concerning interactive narrative. While content and aesthetic intention varies from work to work, and whereas they may be configured as single or multi-user situations, what they share in common is the intention to create immersive cinematic experiences in which visitors can physically and conceptually participate in the authorship and performance. This mediated physicality also engages a paradoxical exploration of the immateriality that is an essential aspect of our digital condition, and offers resolution on the levels of surrogacy, augmented reality, algorithmic agency and re-embodiment.
未來的文化想像全靠一系列多層次、多類型的互動關係:這樣,一種共同參與、共同創作,與觀眾合作的新藝術形式便能成真。後資本主義在藝術上的挪用方式成全了一群被動的文化消費者,單靠「看」,便成了藝術的本能之事。可是, 當代媒體藝術蘊含豐富、多樣的互動形式,為觀眾及藝術作品之間提供一個互動交流的新局面。多方面多樣化多層次的創作力成為一種正能量,在科技日新月異的人類世界中甚至乎為人類在虛擬世界中找到存活的立足點。雖然如此,我們的身體仍有其角色,有其作用。身體成為啓動藝術品的媒介,一舉手一投足一顰一笑便能把從前是靜態的藝術作品帶領到一個動態的新世代,動態且互動的新媒體藝術作品亦能為我們帶來新的觸覺體驗。身體就如劇場,這種新興藝術概念把個體從孤獨的觀賞經驗帶領到人與人之間的互動磁場,推動社會性的藝術參與和交流。