Author: Shiu Ka Heng

The winding alleyways, the cobblestone streets, the soft hum of hushed conversations, the warm scent of age-old recipes being prepared in family-owned eateries, the sharp tang of paint on walls of old buildings... our city breathes life in the most intricate and unique ways.

For years, I've felt the pull of our city's historical districts – a magnetic force that called me into their depths, urging me to listen to the tales of yesteryears whispered by ancient walls and time-worn pavements. Pacing through these streets, I felt as though I was flipping through the pages of a living, breathing book, where every corner told a story, every resident held a chapter, and every structure was an archive of memories.

It was during one such wandering that I chanced upon the State Theatre. A hidden gem with high ceilings that seemed to echo stories of old, and walls that hummed with decades of history. It was a discovery that jolted me. How many more treasures lay hidden, obscured by the rapid redevelopment and changing landscapes?

Traditional methods of documenting history, like photographs and articles, often fall short of capturing the essence and the soul of these districts. They didn’t encapsulate the feel, the scents, the sounds, and the textures. What if there was a way to preserve not just the visual facade but the very heartbeat of these areas?

And so, "The Lost Metropolis" was birthed. A project fueled by a burning passion to meld technology with art, to capture the full essence of these districts before they become mere memories. It became a bridge to the past, bringing the stories of our city’s heritage into the present, and forging a path for future generations to walk through.

What do we aim for now? Our goal is two-fold: to awaken the senses and to inspire. As you navigate through this online exhibition, embrace it with an open heart. Dive deep into the graph of behind-the-scenes documents, let your curiosity lead you, explore the myriad connections between articles, and immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of our city's tales.

But this is more than just an exhibition; it's a call to action. We hope to spark a flame within you, the flame of community building. With the advancements in technology, everyone has the potential to be a preserver of heritage. We want you, the community, to take the baton and run with it. To use the resources at your disposal, to document, to preserve, and to share. We are more than mere spectators; we are the curators of our city's legacy.

As you embark on this journey through "The Lost Metropolis", take a moment to close your eyes, breathe in the history, feel the vibrations of tales untold, and let the whispers of the city guide you. Remember, this isn't just history; it's our story. Let's write it together

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