The Glass Room (Misinformation Edition)
Tactical Tech (Germany)
Tactical Tech’s newest edition of The Glass Room explores misinformation in all its forms.

In the Glass Room Misinformation edition, you can explore how social media and the web have changed the way we read information and react to it. Find out about the new types of influencers, the new and old tactics they use, and the role we the users and consumers play in the way information flows and changes within that flow. We also examine the relationship between personal data, targeting and our opinions, views and behaviors, as well as the business models behind it.


Tactical Tech

Artist biography 藝術團隊簡介

Tactical Tech is a Berlin-based, international NGO that explores and mitigates the impact of digital technologies on society. Our mission is to give people the resources they need to make sustainable change in their digital lives, encouraging online privacy, autonomy, and a creative use of technology. Tactical Tech launched The Glass Room project in 2016 to address a growing public awareness around data and privacy, subsequently reaching over 2000,000 people in close to 40 countries and generating a global conversation about the impact of big data, privacy and misinformation.

柏林藝術團隊「戰略技術」 (Tactical Tech) 是一個國際非政府組織,致力探究並緩和數位技術對社會的影響。他們為人們提供資源,在數碼生活及身份上帶來持續性的改變,包括加強網絡私隱、自主權,以及更有創意地使用科技。「戰略技術」於2016年推出項目《玻璃房間》,以回應大眾對數據及私隱的關注。項目曾於近四十個國家進行,接觸二百萬觀眾,催生了對大數據、私隱及假消息的全球性討論。