Project Room: About Life & Death
1/11/2020 (SUN 日) – 15/11/2020 (SUN 日)

14:00 – 20:00
(WED 三 - FRI 五)

11:00 – 18:00
(SAT 六 - SUN 日)

Cabinet of Stories 1/F, 15 Staunton Street, Central, Hong Kong
中環士丹頓街15號一樓 Cabinet of Stories

At first, I just wanted to talk about secrets. Who among us doesn't have secrets? In this world, everyone has a lot to talk about. If you have no one to talk to, you may well be suffocated by boredom. Then, let ‘s do some storytelling.

What connects people better than sharing stories? At the beginning, there are three stories. The main characters are Tsui Kam Man, Kwok Wah Sang and So Mei Kam, who travel between Hong Kong and Taiwan, and struggle to survive in the city, just like you and me. Their lives inspired five creative practitioners, Joe Fang and Chung Lun Wu from Taiwan; Edward Chiu, Jason Lam and Jean Tsoi Wai-Yin from Hong Kong. Each of them uses different media to elaborate on the details of these narratives. Audiences are immersed in this story-world, engaging freely with the digital platforms and the physical exhibition, looking for themselves while pondering on the proposition of life and death. What is our raison d'etre? If you believe that the four walls block your way, you may realize that these walls are amorphous after the visiting experience. Walls could be a sandcastle that falls at the touch of a blow, but they could also be bulletproof. The four walls indeed cannot deter you at all. Humans are good at building windows--one here, another there, and all lead to the world. The fourth one is the story of the female writer,Song Dan Jing. Her tale, covering the first three stories and the interpretation by creative practitioners, also determines the exhibition format. From text to the three-dimensional world, let us travel beyond the boundaries of life and death, let us be with you.

Here are a few tips for you, take these as hints if you like:

  1. The stories move from the old days to the accessible future. The exhibition is conceived as a female writer's room with hidden mechanisms inside the mirror, on the writing desk and the books. There are three essential checkpoints: standing in front of a mirror, sitting in front of a desk and pricking up your ears to listen to changes in the environment when you open the books titled About Life and Death.
  2. All characters are fictional, so try to distinguish between the real and the fake in the exhibition.
  3. I do not know how you learnt about this project , but please forget the real world for a while and reflect on your own life in this peculiar dimension.
  4. Song Dan Jing, the protagonist of the fourth story, is not real. The story is written by me in the name of KFF. It is up to you to decide how crucial is it to find out the real person. Human lives do not necessarily cross path anyways.
  5. The interactive installation only takes place at the physical exhibition, but you can have an online experience on the Microwave website. The two versions cannot be compared, but both arise from sincere attempts. The complete stories will be published in the Festival’s newspaper and website, and the website of our programme partner, Storyteller. Booklets will also be available in the physical exhibition.

P.S. Where does one's torment come from? I keep thinking about that. Through cross-disciplinary collaboration, we connect you with the story plots. You may find a connection between the lines, or be struck by personal memories and sorrows listening to the melodies; you may accidentally look into the mirror without recognizing yourself, or be seen as a character in a play when you try to focus on reading. These are the puzzles to be filled by the visitors. The scene and the room will not be completed until someone walks in and goes through every corner of it. Have a nice trip.





  1. 故事由舊日子走到可觸及的未來,展場是一個女作家的房間,裡面的鏡子、案桌上以至小書門都是機關。空間裡有三個必碰點:站在鏡子前,坐在書桌前以至在打開《生死牆》小書時打開閣下的耳朵聽清楚環境變化。
  2. 故事人物是虛構的,現場實體展裡有真有假,你儘量自己分分看。
  3. 我不知道你從哪收到《生死牆》的消息,但來者是客,請暫時忘記現實世界,在這片奇異維度想想自己的人生。
  4. 宋丹菁是第四個故事的主角,不是真人。故事是我寫的,筆名是鄺霏飛。真人是誰重不重要你自己決定,反正人生不一定重疊,不一定會相見。
  5. 互動裝置只限定在現場實體展發生,但可以在藝術節網站線上體驗一下,經驗不相同不類比,但都見真心。四則故事全文刊於藝術節報紙內頁,同時可見於藝術節及伙伴Storyteller的網站上,現場小書也會同期展出。