27/10/2018 (Sat 六)
14:00 – 17:30

Future Cinema Studio, Run Run Shaw Creative Media Centre, The City University of Hong Kong
6/F, 18 Tat Hong Avenue, Kowloon Tong

Conducted in English 英語主講

Free admission. Limited seats available. Reservation required.

Introduction 活動簡介

Li Shih-Chieh (Taiwan)

Regional Financial Community Practice: Public Machine

For those who have participated in the era of net-activism, the Internet has always been accompanied by public challenges: In the past, the information we have experienced in the world, from RSS feeds to “dynamic news” of the Facebook, constitutes the foundation of social media networks, subverting and even replacing the electronic imagination community of the mass media era.

Fake news indeed as a phenomenon of emotional mobilization that relies on the high-weighted priority diffusion mechanism of social media, then enhance the exposure of publicity to crisis. Especially in the situation while the news platforms nowadays are losing its value/ favor from the public, the re-emergence of oral communications gradually eroded and swallowed the economic foundation of the authoritative source of a few elites through social system monopoly.

And at the same time, blockchain cryptocurrency together with consumption point system with the same growing strength and competing with the circulation/usage of the fiat money. Our information society has moved towards the out-spread of centralization financial practice from the concentration of information to its decentralization; which brought a changing process such as the rapid growth of P2P financial credit in Europe, US and China eventually turned into bubbles.

The topic about the machine governance brought by Internet of Things (IoT) has been penetrated into our daily life through transaction business, with the support from credit database IoTs now gains a completely new power, and so consumption on the contrary turns to be the tool of control. Do we have a chance to establish our own autonomous mas-up feedback network? And construct a regional financial community practice which provide further opportunity in building a relatively autonomous region under the full cover of the “full feedback system”?

對於曾經參加過網路運動(net.activism)時代的人而言,網際網路始終伴隨著公共性的挑戰:如何從無到有地創造出連結的媒介,並且維持虛實共存世界的公共性的運作。過往我們所經歷的訊息同步世界,從 RSS Feed 到臉書的「動態消息」,構成了社交媒體網絡的基礎,顛覆甚至取代了大眾媒體時代的電子想像共同體。



物聯網(IoTs, Internet of Things)所帶來的機器治理(machine governance)議題已經透過交易滲透進日常生活, 在信用資料庫的支援下取得了新的權力,而消費反則變成了控制的工具。我們是否有機會建立自主性的混搭回饋網路, 建構區域性的金融社群實踐, 以便有機會在「全回饋系統」的全面籠罩下創造相對自主的區域?

Speaker biography 講者簡介

Li Shih-Chieh

Born in 1973, Li lives and works in Taipei, as a cross-disciplinary cultural thinker and activist. He also serves as CEO of Honghua Environmental Protection and Digital Future Foundation

(2016-, ilya at honghuafund.org); a member of the Xingyi Company noema Community Media Data Analysis Entrepreneurship Team (2015-, ilya at xtrea.io); Visiting Fellow of the Institute of Network Society, China Academy of Art, Hangzhou (2015-); Consultant of Pioneering the Cultural and Educational Foundation (2017); and member of the Promotion Committee of the Digital Culture Center of Taichung City Government (2016-2017).

Li graduated from the Department of Psychology at the National Taiwan University, the Department of Ethnic Relations and Culture of the National Dong Hwa University, and the doctoral class at the Institute of Sociology, National Tsing-Hua University. He is a researcher of early online movement, a Taiwan’s blog campaign promoter, and has participated in the global digital cultural community network for long.

His work experiences include former International Steering Committee of Culturemondo World Culture Portal (2005-2015); Founding Program Manager of the Open Freedom of the Institute of Information Technology, Academia Sinica (2002-2004), Project Manager and International Cooperation Program Executive Consultant of National Science and Technology Digital Collection National Project (2004-2011); Ph.D. study at the Institute of Sociology, Tsinghua University (2007–2012); a core member of the Early Career Information Expert Working Group of the CODATA International Scientific and Technical Information Committee (2012-), and Special Assistant to the President of Zhongxing University (2012-2015).

生於 1973,居住和工作於台北,跨領域的數位文化思考與行動者。擔任宏華環境保護與數位未來基金會執行長(2016-,ilya at honghuafund.org);星輿公司noema社群媒體資料分析創業團隊成員(2015-, ilya at xtrea.io);杭州中國美院網絡社會研究所客座研究員(2015-);開拓文教基金會顧問(2017)及臺中市政府數位文化中心推動小組委員(2016-2017)。


工作經歷曾任Culturemondo世界文化入口網國際指導委員(2005-2015),中研院資訊所台灣自由軟體鑄造場計畫(Open Foundry)創始計劃經理(2002-2004)、國科會數位典藏國家型計劃計劃辦公室專案經理與國際合作計劃執行顧問(2004-2011)。清華大學社會學研究所博士班研究(2007–2012),CODATA 國際科學與技術資料委員會早期生涯資料專家工作組核心成員(2012-),中興大學校長特別助理(2012-2015)。