27/10/2018 (Sat 六)
14:00 – 17:30

Future Cinema Studio, Run Run Shaw Creative Media Centre, The City University of Hong Kong
6/F, 18 Tat Hong Avenue, Kowloon Tong

Conducted in English 英語主講

Free admission. Limited seats available. Reservation required.

Introduction 活動簡介

Furtherfield (UK)

The Blockchain – Change Everything Forever (2016)
區塊鏈:永遠改變所有 (2016)

Directed by Pete Gomes
Pete Gomes導演

Concept, research and development by Ruth Catlow, Furtherfield
由Futherfirld的Ruth Catlow提供概念、予以硏究以及發展

This film released in October 2016 by Furtherfield set out to broaden the debate about the impact of emerging blockchain technologies.

The underpinning technology of Bitcoin digital currency, the blockchain is reshaping concepts of value, trust, law and governance. This film sets out to diversify the people involved in its future by bringing together leading thinkers, computer scientists, entrepreneurs, artists and activists who discuss:
What can a blockchain do?
Who builds this new reality?
How will we rule ourselves?
How will the future be different because of the Blockchain?



Artist Biography 藝術家簡介

Furtherfield (UK)

Furtherfield connects people to new ideas, critical thinking and imaginative possibilities for art, technology and the world around us. Through artworks, labs and debate people from all walks of life explore today’s important questions.

In 1996 artists Ruth Catlow and Marc Garrett initiated an online platform for collaboration and experimentation, informed by community arts, pirate radio, activism and street art. Inspired by free and open software development they challenged notions of the individual genius artist. A grassroots network and programme emerged which continues to thrive and to engage diverse people with arts, technology and social change.

Since its formation, Furtherfield has grown and built an international reputation, leading in the theory and practice of digital creativity. It has continued to invest time and energy in a decentralised and distributed network, fostering new projects with artists, seizing and challenging debates and always advocating for open and playful engagement with people encapsulated in its process of ‘doing it with others’ (DIWO).

Furtherfield has been distinctive from other organisations in maintaining a presence across networked space and presenting work through its gallery. Its commitment to free and open source methodologies and internationalism has seen it working with artists at all career stages and bringing new, marginal and important messages to wider audiences.

Furtherfield 將人們與藝術、科技的新思維和無限的想像可能性以及世界連結。透過藝術作品、實驗室和各界人士的辯論去探究當今世界的重要命題。

1996年,藝術家Rth Catlow和Marc Garett發起了一個在線平台,用於協作和實驗,並通過社區藝術、海盗電台、激進主義行動和街頭藝術進行宣傳。受到自由及開放式軟件開發的啓發,他們挑戰個人天才藝術家的觀念。一個草根網絡和計劃就此降生並持續蓬勃發展,並使不同的人可以參與藝術、科技及社會變革。


Furtherfield 與其他組織在保持網絡空間存在和通過其圖庫展示工作是有所不同的;它致力於自由和開源的方法論以及國際主義。這些均見於它在與不同職業階段的藝術家的合作,以及為更廣泛的受眾帶來新的、邊緣的和重要的訊息。