Project Room Exhibition

1/11/2018 (Thu 四) – 11/11/2018 (Sun 日)12:00 – 19:00


198 Tai Nan Street, Sham Shui Po 九龍深水埗大南街198號

Free admission 免費入場

Introduction 活動簡介

I am/were here/there (2018)
我在/曾在這裡/那裡 (2018)

XRT (Hong Kong)
XRT (香港)

We are living in the age of science fictional world & instability now!

I AM/WERE HERE/THERE is an interactive virtual reality work by XRT.
I AM/WERE HERE/THERE#1 & #2, is the first 2 artworks from our META-HONG KONG series.

By using 3D scanning & virtual reality technology, the work is starting up the contemplation of disappearing Hong Kong cityscape, collective memory, meta-universe, virtual identity, & co-existed realities.

Audience types in his/her name (* An avatar will be generated automatically with the input name & time, then exists in the virtual Hong Kong event he/she quit the game.) and put on the VR headset, and the journey will be started. The audience will experience the re-created slow self-destructing meta-HongKong cityscape, together with all the other accumulated virtual audiences (the avatars) in the previous journeys.

I AM/WERE HEaRE/THERE #1 is the meta-creation of Hong Kong’s Admiralty, Causeway Bay & Mongkok. These 3 locations host a very unique collective memory together since the Umbrella Movement in 2014, Hong Kong.

I AM/WERE HERE/THERE #2 is the meta-creation of Hong Kong’s Lee Tung Street (also known as the Wedding Card Street). Lee Tung Street was demolished in 2007 as part of an Urban Renewal Authority project. The demolition was seen by many as causing irreparable harm to the cultural heritage of Hong Kong.


我在/曾在這裡/那裡#1&#2,是我們META-HONG KONG系列的頭兩件作品。





Speaker biography 講者簡介


XRT means Extended Reality Art.

XRT is a Hong Kong-based technology-driven creative collective. We create art installation & experience by using extended reality, immersive technology, artificial intelligence, & machine learning.

Our work explores or questions the intersection of art at the computing age, immersive & extended reality, over our local & modern Chinese cultures.

XRT的意思是擴展現實藝術(Extended Reality Art)。