ULTRA WATER FLOW - Presented in association with the Photophore (Italy)
「激流」 (意大利)
01.06.2016 [Wed三] - 07.06.2016 [Tue二]

Duration: 約110分鐘
Language: English
G/F Hong Kong Design Institute 3 King Ling Road, Tseung Kwan O, New Territories

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The selection of art videos is developed around the theme of the WATER and its FLOW, exploring the symbolical and metaphorical meanings of it, as well as how we understand and interpret the power of this life force. Starting from the element of water, we are interested in analyzing the reflections of its qualities and characteristic in our life. ULTRA WATER FLOW is a stream that flows, not only a stream of water but a flow of connections among spaces, people and things. A flow that brings information and beauty, able to reach everyone and to change and improve realities and situations. The flow of time, the flow of pictures and memories in the time. An endless flow of people and pieces of existence. Selected artists: APOTROPIA (Italy), Robert Gschwantner & Giorgio Cappozzo (Austria - Italy), Adriene Hughes (USA), María Kjartans & Biggi Hilmars (Iceland), Korb (Lithuania), Melanie Ludwig (Austria), Bryan M. Ferguson (UK), Maggi Payne (USA), Artem Tarkhanov (Russia), Cong Yao (China).

透過「水」與「流」為主題的藝術錄像,探索兩者的符號與比喻,也同時去理解與詮釋這個生命的力量。由水出發,我們對水所反映出來生命的奧義產生興趣,ULTRA WATER FLOW不只是一道水的清泉,而是連接着空間、人、物的川流,帶來了資訊與美,有着接觸每一個人並且改變他們際遇的能力。時間流動,影像的流動,時間中的記憶,川流不息的人和存在的碎片,這個錄像選開放予所有連接着藝術、科學與技術的作品。

Title (Year) / Name (Nationality) / Duration

Infinity Water (2011) / Korb - Rimantas Lukavičius (Lithuania) / 00:01:28
DARWIN GEHT BADEN / DARWIN TAKES A BATH (2015) / Melanie Ludwig (Austria) / 00:03:20
CAUSTIC GULP (2015) / Bryan M. Ferguson (UK, Scotland) / 00:12:07
The Resonance of Loss (2016) / Adriene Hughes (USA) / 00:03:17
We are weather (2012) / María Kjartans & Biggi Hilmars (Iceland) / 00:04:51
Single#Double#Triple (2013) / APOTROPIA (Antonella Mignone + Cristiano Panepuccia) (Italy) / 00:08:52
Beweistheorie I (2016) / Artem Tarkhanov (Russia) / 00:06:00
Spring (sequence 1) (2016) / Cong Yao (China) / 00:05:11
The Perfect Circle (2007-2015) / Robert Gschwantner & Giorgio Cappozzo (Austria – Italy) / 00:08:58
Through the Looking Glass (2015) / Maggi Payne (USA) / 00:12:50

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