subtlemob sharing - try to remain invisible Sarah Anderson and Duncan Speakman (UK)
乍現映院分享 – try to remain invisible
莎拉.安德森 及 鄧肯.聲人(英國)

5/12/2010 | 1700 - 1800
Exhibition Hall, Low Block, Hong Kong City Hall
"Imagine walking through a film, but it’s happening on the streets you live in. Subtlemobs usually happen in public spaces, this is music composed for those spaces. This is about trying to make films without cameras. It’s about integrating with a social or physical space, not taking it over. The audience listen on headphones, a mix of music, story and instructions. Sometimes they just watch, sometimes they perform scenes for each other. A subtlemob is not a flashmob. Try to remain invisible" Duncan Speakman and Sarah Anderson present the working methods behind creating the 'invisible cinema' of subtlemobs. Dealing with both the political intentions behind the work and the compositional ideas about writing soundtracks for public spaces, this talk will explain how the artists try to create cinema experiences without using cameras.
「你以為自己潛入了銀幕,但一切卻在你身邊的街道上發生。乍現映院通常在公眾地方發生,而音樂也是為這些地方而編寫的。它就像是沒有用攝影機來拍攝的電影,滲進了一個現實空間,卻沒有把它吞噬。觀眾帶著耳機,聽著配樂、故事、指示。有時他們會駐足觀看,有時卻似在演戲。乍現映院並不是快閃遊戲。Try to remain invisible」鄧肯.聲人及莎拉.安德森將分享不用攝影機來拍攝電影的方法。透過結合作品背後的政治意念和為公眾地方所寫的配樂,他們將揭露這乍現卻又看不見的映院如何誕生。